1. Enter % Sand and % Silt ... %Clay is calculated by difference
  2. To determine Textural Sub Class for Sand, Loamy Sand, or Sandy Loam soils
    • Enter sand fraction data: % very coarse, % coarse, % medium, % fine (% very fine is calculated by difference)
  3. Select "Calculate Texture" button to display the soil textural class
% Sand % Silt % Clay Textural Class*
% very coarse
% coarse
% medium
% fine
% very fine
* The current definition of Textural Classes results in many soils being classified with multiple Textures. The problem is that textural boundaries in the soil textural triangle are not defined to belong to a unique Textural Class. Textures calculated on this web page are unique for every soil. The adjusted definitions of Textural Class that are used are those proposed in: Jones, T.L., and H.C. Monger. XXXX. Sand or Silt - Not Both: Problems With Shared Boundaries. Submitted to Soil Science Society of America Journal (in review).

created 05/02/2002
modified 05/07/2002