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   All calculations are based on the SI system of units and calculated to 3 significant figures. There should not be any "round off" problems (your answer differing from my answer by roundoff error) as long as you use the values shown in the table for your calculations. If you find any such problems please email me details of the offending calculation. Javascript does not show trailing 0's; therefore, numbers like 0.47 means 0.470.


System of Units
Soil Physical Property

Bulk Density Particle Density Porosity
SI Mg/m3 Mg/m3 m3/m3
Mass Water Content Vol Water Content Relative Saturation
SI Mg/Mg m3/m3 none
Mixed Water Content Air-filled Porosity Relative Air-filled Porosity
SI Mg/m3 m3/m3 none

created 05/02/2002
modified 05/07/2002